Anabelle W. Cardoso

Researching African ecosystem dynamics, with a particular interest in ecotones and fire. Currently the Science Team Manager for NASA's first Biodiversity field campaign - BioSCape: A Biodiversity Survey of the Greater Cape Floristic Region. Working at the University at Buffalo in the lab of Adam Wilson, as well as with Erin Hestir (University of California, Merced) and Jasper Slingsby (University of Cape Town). To read more about BioSCape visit


Field site locations

Cape Floristic Region, South Africa
The Greater Cape Floristic region contains two global biodiversity hotspots. The Fynbos vegetation here regularly burns, but normally has lower fire return times than savanna ecosystems.
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Lop‌é NP, Gabon
Lop‌é National Park is a mesic forest-savanna mosaic landscape that regularly burns; and it is home to the largest remaining population of forest elephants.
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Kruger NP, South Africa
Kruger National Park is a more arid savanna system with an abundance of megafauna, it also experiences regular fire.
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Kogyae SNR, Ghana
Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve lies within the transition from lowland rainforest to savanna, it burns fairly regularly.
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Academic journey

University at Buffalo
2022 - present:
Science Team Manager for BioSCape, Postdoctoral Associate (in the lab of Adam Wilson) - Geography Department.
Yale University
2019 - 2021:
Postdoctoral Associate (in the labs of Carla Staver and Sally Archibald) - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department / Department of Animal, Plant, and Environmental Sciences
University of Oxford
Ph.D. (supervised by Yadvinder Malhi, Imma Oliveras, Kate Abenerthy, and William Bond) - Geography and the Environment
MSc. (supervised by Yadvinder Malhi and Imma Oliveras) - Environmental Change and Management


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